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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The SBV Board of Directors has five members. The AGM is held in January each year and other consultation is frequent but informal.

Bonvolo - Rebranding for a New Era

Rebranding diagram for Bonvolo

The symbols that make up our new logo include the flag of DRC, which helps distinguish us from the other Congo.

The green star represents Esperanto, which is a vital medium for connection between (Solidareca) Bonvolo management, clients and supporters. The heart shows that we are there to care. 

Along with the rebranding, we are shortening our name because it gets tedious to explain that SBV means Solidareca Bonvolo in Esperanto, or Solidarite Bonne Volonte in French respectively, the first being our working language and the other the local colonial language, and both of which mean Solidarity Goodwill, which is kind of what we're about.

 Bonvolo is Goodwill and that's really enough name to be going on with!

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