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Map of Africa showing DRC

Goma, DRC

Map of Goma DRC

About Us

Solidareca Bonvolo is the Esperanto name of Solidarite Bonne Volonte, a local not-for-profit helping orphans and poor children in Goma, DRC, since 2004.


The Democratic Republic of the Congo is huge and the capital, Kinshasa, is 1576km from Goma on the Rwandan border.


Goma has had a very tough recent history, with 2 Congolese wars, the million and more refugees from the Rwandan genocide, and several volcanic eruptions to survive.

Even now, the M23 militia is exerting martial rule very close to Goma and there are thousands of new refugees without adequate care. SBV is doing what it can to help.


We have a small local and international leadership team that you can see by clicking on "Our Team" below.

We regret to inform that our previous president, Alexis Asumani has followed the poor example of his country in not respecting the democratic process which displaced him from the presidency. He set up a competing website and pretends to be SBV.

Augustin Kakozwa is also no longer a member of our association due to misrepresentation and excessive solicitation of funds.

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