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Fresh Projects 

PROJECT 5: Mama Wimbi

Both Work and Education are Human Rights too often ignored in DRCongo. 

We have bought sewing machines and fabric and taught a team  of mothers to sew.

Their work is sold overseas and the profits retuned to pay school fees in September.

We currently have sold enough product to assure the education of nearly 40 children, through their mother's work.

The project is managed by Alphonse Waseka Kamango, assisted by Bernadette (Production) and Penny (Marketing).

PROJECT 6:  Kijana Wimbi

This project involves teaching local people the skills internet research and banking, initially.


The teaching team are teaching 6 sessions of their 2-week courses per year with the aim of showing that the internet is much more than Facebook and WhatsApp.


Eventually we plan to be teaching web-site design and DIY marketing skills for independence.

13 fully renovated and equipped computers will be arriving in our solar-powered Community College in November, so that we can teach students who do not already own a computer.

The project is managed by Salaama Palya Jacques, with assistance from Alphonse (venue planning) , Penny (equipment), Nickson and Joseph (teaching).

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PROJECT 7:  Pen-Friends in Need

Intercultural education is important for everyone and this budding relationship, between relatively privileged 10-12 year olds at Elonera Montessori School in Australia and some of our SBV children in Goma, may be more so than most.

The Goma children practice their third language, Esperanto, and the Australian children will use machine translation to understand and reply, at least at first.

The Australian children are looking forward to doing some fund-raising to help with nutrition, as the Congolese children are undernourished and hungry.

The project is managed by Eric Baeni (Goma) and Amy Vos (Wollongong), assisted by Moise and Penny.

PROJECT 8: School-in-a-Bag Partnership

SBV is pleased and proud to be partnering with School-in-a-Bag to provide bags of essential school supplies for 84 primary and middle-school students for the 2019-20 school year.

Eric and Jacques have translated all of the documents into French and sourced and priced all of the bag contents, with due consideration to local requirements.


The bags are being made in Uganda this year but we are investigating whether the Mama Wimbi team could be equipped to supply them next year.

School-in-a-Bag sponsors will have the satisfaction of seeing their gift tracked to the individual child who receives it.

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