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1. Carine AZIZA IDUMBA is 20 and studying Medicine. She has an Australian sponsor for fees and rent support. She lives with her large family. Her mother, Bernadette, leads the Mama Wimbi team.

2. Eric Baeni is re-starting his study in Engineering, thanks to the support of an Australian Engineer and Rotarian.

He is facilitating the children's correspondence project with Australia.

3. Matheiu KIKANDA is 21 and studying Medicine and has a Australian sponsor for fees and and a Dutch sponsor who helps with extra expenses.  He lives with his Aunty's large family.

4. Sarah FAZILA is studying Accountancy.

She has a young son, and hopes to be able to raise him in greater security by her work.

Her sponsor is Australian.

Mervellie BATUMIKE is studying medicine. Her sponsor is Spanish.

Hornella IDUMBA is studying architecture. Her sponsor is German.

  SBV Sponsored Students

These students are very fortunate to have sponsors who make it possible for them to study and gain capacity to serve their communities.

Click here to meet some who are still hoping for such a chance.