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 School Kids Whose Fees Aren't Paid Yet

Kahambu, Nsmire, Masoka, Via and Sangani are new to our community. We welcome their participation because they are capable and diligent workers but we are only able to provide funds in advance for their primary children. We hope that they will find a way to support their secondary children's education this year (generally US$200) whilst they sew next year's fees.

Uwezo de Sangani copy.jpg
Meta fratino de Merry copy.jpg
Joyce de Nsimire copy.jpg
Seraphine copy.jpg
Josefo de Sangani M1 copy.jpg
Masoka bwami de Sangani copy.jpg
Jean-Paul de Via crop.jpg
Esther de Kahambu copy.jpg
Samuel de Masoka 2M.jpg
Rebeca de Kahambu copy.jpg
Emmanuel frato de Merry.jpg
Calebbe copy.jpg

Uwezo, Serafina, Esther, Rebecca, Metha, Samuel, Makene, Euxace, Joyce, Masoka, another Samuel, Caleb, Arsene and John-Paul are being threatened with expulsion because their mothers have not got the $200 to keep them there. The mothers are working , and some of the youngsters too, but they need a hand to bridge the gap.

If you can help- click here!

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