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PROGRAM 1 : Funding Education

SBV supporters have traditionally funded the education of  primary school and middle school children and  university students.

Our sponsors pay school fees and the costs of school uniforms and other necessary supplies.

Mama Wimbi is now helping some of those families become independent but some are too old or sick to work that way, and we still have university students in need of sponsorship.

Can you help?

PROGRAM 2: Equipping the Library

SBV has built one of the first school libraries in Goma, on the grounds of Rutoboko School, and have furnished it.


Shannon O'Rourke of Books for Eastern Congo has started stocking it with books in French and Swahili as, previously, there were less than 20 books in the whole school, mostly for the teachers. 


Soon we hope to have a full range of fiction and non-fiction books for all of the 300 primary and secondary school students. 

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PROGRAM 3: Providing Shelter

All of our supported families are poor, but some are even more so than most.

Currently five families rely on SBV sponsorship to pay their rent, which costs an average of US $800 per year.

Without it, they are homeless. There is no social security in DRC.

PROGRAM 4: Medical Assistance


SBV supporters paid US $ 1122 for the treatment of three mothers, one student and three children last year.


Each needed a hospital and did not have any means to pay. Their problems included malaria, malnutrition and accidents.


We regret that one mother of ten children died of intestinal tuberculosis. Some dollars worth anti-biotics could have saved her, but we did not know in time.


We would like to have a small fund ready for urgent cases. Can you help?

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