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DRC is one of the few countries that do not offer free and compulsory primary education. The almost universal unemployment, produced by lack of government spending, compounds the problem into a deadly  poverty trap.

Solidareca Bonvolo has been providing support through international child-sponsorship since 2004. SBV has no  paid staff. We do finally have physical premises due to the kindness of Korean Esperantists. 


SBV is outstandingly transparent in its donation process and now has the added security of a RAWCS account for money transfer.

The retirement of a major sponsor in 2018  pressed home the general insecurity of the sponsorship strategy and precipitated a change in direction. SBV now pays school fees from the proceeds of the sale of decorative fabric bunting made by the mothers of the students (and in some cases, from the students themselves). We sell the bunting retail and wholesale worldwide. This year's proceeds from production are already being put aside for next year’s fees and fabric, so that the process is self-sustaining.

We do need help with marketing so that we sell enough to get the older children's fees by September.

The name of the enterprise is Mama Wimbi, “Mother Wave” in Swahili, for the wave of positive change we envision resulting from the empowerment of families to be able to work, as well as pray, for a better future.

 The Rotary Club of Cooma  generously committed $5000 to this project ! 


 The Pink Umbrella Foundation awarded the project $1000!  Thank you!          

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