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Making a Difference

Bonvolo is growing capacity for sustainable development through strategic partnerships with organisations such as SewAid, Rotary and RAWCS.  Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work every day to create a lasting impact.

See our beautiful video at the bottom of this page!

Sponsored Students studying Esperanto in Goma


A Chance to Learn

Direct Educational Sponsorship is our longest running initiative. We are currently supporting 28 middle schoolers, 13 primary school children, and 5 university students and would be very glad to extend more scholarships to students in need at every level as sponsorship becomes available .

typical house interior in Goma


A Safe Place To Call Home

Bonvolo currently provides free rented accommodation to 5 families who would otherwise be homeless. Most of the heads of these families are working towards independence through training and work. It is important that they are not homeless while this long-term solution takes root.

Sewing team displaying the uniforms they have sewn
School in a Bag Collaboration

Equipping Children to Learn

On two occasions, School in a Bag (SIAB) and Bonvolo have collaborated to distribute 100 bags full of school supplies to children who could not otherwise attend school.

While this was happening, our sewing team was practicing and practicing to master sewing more and more difficult projects, including bags of every kind. .

SewAid International is helping us with shipping and an equipment upgrade to cope with the tougher fabric.

The next time SIAB is ready to distribute bags in Congo, we will be ready to make them ourselves!


Child Recipients of School in a bag distribution

Building Dignity


The Mama Wimbi sewing team now make good school uniforms and school backpacks and package them together as SchoolKits.

Donors sponsor SchoolKits for free distribution to those in most need, supporting both the recipient child (whose smiling photo they will receive as a thank you card!), and the team who do the sewing, and can thereby support their own children 's education.

Check out our bag distribution in the video below. Isn't it great?!

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