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SchoolKits for Congo

SchoolKit is our new project with Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund.

We invite teachers worldwide to engage their classes in child-sized

global citizenship, to empower them and cultivate empathy and

generosity. The children give SchoolKits to refugee children in Goma, DRC.

The SchoolKits consist of a brand new hand-made school bag and uniform

and an optional tiny picture book personalised by the giver.

SchoolKits are created by a team of seven local mothers who use this income

to house and educate their children.

Each giving student receives a photo of their special gift in the hands of a

child who really needs it.

Please share our story with any caring and creative teachers you might know!

Active Global Citizenship for School Students


For Secure Donations, with automatic Australian Tax Receipts, please use the red link below. Thank you!

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Download Your Teacher's Guide

Find out what SchoolKit has to offer, both here and far away, different approaches you might choose, International Days to celebrate with SchoolKit, and curriculum links.

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Download Your Storybooks

We have four African Storybooks to choose from,in either Swahili or French.

Each book can be colour printed on one side of an A4 page, folded, and customised by your students.

We will scan and print them for delivery with the SchoolKit, or SchoolKits, you're giving.

Invite a Service Club
to Partner

Fundraising for SchoolKits can be both fun, and valuable as personal growth

but,  if there just isn't time, invite your local Rotary Club (or other) to collaborate

for the well-being of children on both sides of the globe. 

We did a sample note to the newspaper too, to make it easier to share the joy.

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Can your students name some of the countries that make up Africa?

(Answer sheet included)

Free Resources
for Context


Click any of these resources to download.

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Orientation package for teachers with cool graphics from and details about Goma.

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How SchoolKit Works

Presentation Downloads for SchoolKit Advocates Below

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