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Direct Educational Sponorship 

Direct Educational Sponsorship is our longest running initiative. We are currently supporting 28 middle schoolers, 13 primary school children, and 5 university students and would be very glad to extend more scholarships to students in need at every level as sponsorship becomes available .

The Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile donated $3000 to give each of the children pf the SchoolKit team a $100 head start on school fees, this will give the mothers a chance to earn the rest before the children are expelled for non-payment of fees.


We have a donation page here which will give you a receipt straight away and will facilitate

both our record-keeping, and the economical transfer of your donation to Congo.

If you are Australian, the receipt can be used to reduce your tax!

The donation page has room to specify the purpose of your gift (and we always respect that completely!)

If there is more that you would like to tell us or ask us, please free to write to us here.


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